Mobilisation en soutien du peuple palestinien

En Europe, le soutien populaire à la cause palestinienne s'est organisé très rapidement : il y a des manifestations dans la plupart des villes européennes. Voici un communiqué de la Fédération des Organisations Islamiques en Europe.
En Europe, le soutien populaire à la cause palestinienne s'est organisé très rapidement : il y a des manifestations dans la plupart des villes européennes. Voici un communiqué de la Fédération des Organisations Islamiques en Europe. Version arabe

In the name of Allah Most Gracious Most Merciful
The tragic events happening at Gaza right now, are crimes of war which ought to be stopped immediately.

With tremendous grief Muslims in Europe are following up the tragic news through the media.
These are the barbaric attacks against the Palestinian citizens in the blockaded Gaza Strip. These crimes are being carried out by the invading Israeli army using its most deadly power and military air power since Saturday 27th of December.
The ruthless massacres taking place executed by the Israeli military machine are aimed at unarmed people. Hundreds of innocent people fell dead as mortars and many injured in the first few hours of the massacre. Such development is unprecedented in its nature and can not be justified in any way. It can not be met with silence. The air strikes and the appalling attacks are being concentrated over a small stretch of land which has the highest human concentration in the world. What is happening is an unreserved mass murder carried out upon the inhabitants.

The human nature can only be shocked at the terrifying and murdering of an entire nation taking place. With all the horrifying details appearing as events unfold. It is noticed that the air raids take place at the time when children are leaving their schools maximising terror and death amongst children. Religious worship places were bombed with worshipers inside. This makes this military operation a barbaric and savagery assault.

In the face of this massive situation and the horrendous massacres which seem to be still at the start of a greater campaign, we stand with the Palestinian people in the Gaza strip. We wish to show our brotherly and strong human solidarity with these people. The people of Gaza have suffered a strangling blockade for over two years. The blockade has affected all the basic vital life support services in Gaza. On top of that, the people of Gaza are now under fire by the invading military fighter planes minute by minute.
In response to that and in response to the continued tragedies on view to the entire world, The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe states the following :

First : We in the Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe, condemn with the strongest words this barbaric assault executed by the invading Israeli army upon the blockaded Palestinian people in the Gaza strip. The Israeli army is considered to be the strongest military arsenal in the region. The federation also strongly deplores the attack considering it to be unjustified and clear crimes of war, and a practice of mass murders which makes mockery of all basic human and moral values and all the international standards and declarations for the protection of human rights.

Second : The Federation calls for urgent actions by all responsible parties in the world, at official and public and human right levels. The Federation considers the situation to be a moral and human responsibility that can not tolerate any hesitation. On this issue the Federation can not emphasise enough the importance of the European Union action to control the Israeli military machine which is continuing its bloody massacres. And the Federation urges the speedy dismantling of the strangling blockade forced upon a million and a half Palestinian in the Gaza strip. The federation also calls for the ending of all the assistance and privileges granted to invading Israel. Israel continues to dangerously disregard all human rights and international laws. The Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe also calls for a unified Arab and Islamic stand that fits the tremendous event, in order to stand on the side of the Palestinian people with all resources, aiming at the lifting of the blockade and the opening the Rafah crossing which is the only cross point Gaza has with therest of the world.

Third : The Federation acknowledges its gravest concern towards the size of the attack taking place at the Gaza strip and its human consequences. This is especially true when combined with the lack of the basic first aid and the necessary relief and rescue and medical services under the imposed existing blockade. This concern also considers the build up of threats issued by the high level Israeli officials who are still talking about their determination of committing wide scope killing operations aimed towards the civilian population in Gaza.
Forth : The Federation calls upon Muslims in all parts of Europe to take a serious brotherly stand with the Palestinian people, the victims of this barbaric atrocity through the following practical actions :

1. Making prayers to Allah (May He be exalted) to end the suffering of the attack aimed at the Palestinian people including all the children, women and the elders and the sick, and to the lifting of the wrongful blockade. We urge the Muslims of Europe to do peaceful sit-ins at all mosques and Islamic associations.
2. To organise multiple public and media activities to publicise the tragedy to rally the masses of the Muslim and non-Muslims to reflect the awakening of the living conscience of the different European societies. Making sure to adhere to all related official requirements and regulations.
3. The search for the initiation of wider scope human activities which aim at the aid of the
afflicted Gaza strip in order to treat and dress the wounds, and provide food and edicine
and provide the life rescue support from a calamity that was pre-programmed against the
inhabitants of the Gaza strip.

We ask Allah to lift this tragedy off the people of Palestine. We ask Him to have mercy upon their martyrs, and to make better and healthier the casualties, the injured and the victims. We ask Allah to bestow upon their families and survivors the tolerance and patience and firmness. We ask Almighty to bring to these people their just rights which can not be forgone.
Brussels, Belgium, Saturday 27th December 2008.
Federation of Islamic Organisations in Europe (FIOE)

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